After taking home top honors for the first generation of our Switchback System, it would have been easy to sit back, celebrate, and call it a day. But, that’s just not in our DNA. The newly redesigned Switchback Belt System 2.0 sits on the shoulders of its predecessor and adds to a long list of award-winning features. Adding additional storage has never been easier with our new quick-release rail system. Simply detach the speed clip, slide on a Thunderhead Submersible Pouch, Canyon Creek Chest Pack, or other compatible systems, and you’re ready to hit the water. Ambidextrous, and equipped with molle slots for water bottle and Quikshot Rod Holders, the new Switchback system elevates the standard for modularity.


Modular system includes a wader belt with net slot, 2L pack, and shoulder strap

Wader Belt is made with thermoformed foam for comfort around your waist, and has a built in net slot that holds mostly any size net handle

The included pack slides from front to back on the wader belt ‘rail’ - allowing you to keep the belt and net in place and move only your pack in and out of your workspace

Pack can be configured on the left or right side

Shoulder strap can be configured on the left or right side - or can be removed completely

Shoulder strap pad has various Hypalon tool attachment points and velcro ‘loop’ for attaching fly patches or drying out flies

The underside of the shoudler strap pad has a silicone printing to minimize slip

Pack has two main zippered pockets and holds 2-3 large fly boxes, or 4-6 slim fly boxes

Pack has two front stretch pockets for quick access items

Hemo’s sheath hidden behind the front stretch pockets

Pack has Hypalon attachment points for retractors or hemos on each side

Fishpond Switchback Wading Belt System 2.0